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Kathy came to me just over a year ago in September 2014 after finding me in a fitness magazine. Most people WANT to make a change, but don’t know where to start, or just push it to the back of the “TO DO” list.  We discussed her options, quickly found out how much we have in common, and decided to start off with my 4 Weeks To Fab Program.    It was a great start for Kathy, and most people would stop there. Kathy however, even though she had accomplished her initial goal, had more to give..yearned for more!  What a lot of people realize is that a fitness journey, just like any-other, is not linear or necessarily have a start and end date.  Kathy felt that this was just the start to what she could achieve! We continued working together throughout 2014-2015.  We talked all things balance, recipe swapping, BEAUTYFUELING recipes, changing up workouts, learning the art of counting macronutrients all the while never feeling deprived, on a “diet” or missing out on anything. Last summer, Kathy shared her secret wish with me of entering a fitness competition. Why not ?? LETS DO THIS – that was my answer.  Kathy trained insane, BUT we didn’t remove any food groups or have her eat fish and veggies only.  I knew she had a family to run, energy needed and the last thing we wanted her to do was rebound post show. Kathy came in 2nd in her first ever show, had some amazing photoshoots (Still to come), is feeling fantastic still 2 weeks post show, and we are slowly upping her intake so that she can continue to enjoy her spanakopita, moussaka and yes, the odd glass of wine!  I am so proud of Kathy, and I KNOW THIS IS JUST THE START!!! IMG_6023

“My parents were immigrants from Greece who came to Canada in their twenties. I basically grew up on the Mediterranean diet. Our daily meals were made up of fruits, grains and vegetables grown in my father’s garden. Even though I was eating healthy, portions were out of control, and eating was more of a social need versus listening to what my body really needed. I was floating between different types of exercise classes but not seeing any “REAL” results. I was frustrated and gave up several times. I had hit a WALL!! How many of us have hit this wall??!!

Then one day at the supermarket check out counter, I came across a new fitness magazine that caught my eye. So, of course I bought it. In this magazine is when I first discovered Rita Catolino. I immediately checked out her website and I thought to myself “this is a girl I can relate too!” She too is a mother and of European descent. She understands how important food is socially and the struggle to find a realistic balance with family. In my personal quest for a better body and health, Rita helped me to succeed in easing out of old habits and into new ones. Change, more importantly sustainable change takes time!! Rita helps you do just that!!! This is why I am so excited to share my story!!

I am a mom to 3 beautiful, strong girls who are constantly watching, and learning from me. It is very important to me that I provide the girls with a healthy approach to food and fitness. Especially in today’s world, where women face poor self-images of themselves, low self esteem, eating disorders, etc. I have never been one to use the word “diet” in my home.

As I started this new journey, my girls did notice I was taking better care of myself by drinking more water, cooking new recipes, exercising more, etc. This was music to my ears, when my 13 year old said, “mom I really like how you are taking care of yourself!” Most importantly, my family noticed I had more energy. It’s been over a year since I began my journey to improve myself physically. However, what I really noticed was it wasn’t only the physical transformation but the mental transformation as well. I realized it’s not about being perfect. It’s about exercising to be fit, not skinny!! It’s about eating to nourish your body and believing you are worth it!! I continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and most recently competed in my first fitness competition.


I am not going to lie. It’s tough but at the same time doable, believable. Rita’s program is straightforward. You have to trust the process, Rita’s process!! To this day, I always ask myself, is this “Rita approved?” Whether I am at home or out, Rita has provided me with the tools to fuel and take care of my body properly, and most importantly for the long term. Rita’s plan is healthy yet provides you with realistic eating habits everyday for the rest of your life. She caters to your own needs and situations. Rita gives you the power to make gradual changes that you can stick with, not just for today but for the rest of your life! Are you ready for that change?”



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